Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Zeno is a Wrap configurator that helps you give your clients an accurate representation of the vinyl hues and finishes. It allows you to create on demand renders on a massive library of vehicles and different environmental settings to really help capture the finished product of the wrap project.
No. Zeno is an extremely comprehensive software that requires very powerful hardware. We sell the software as well as the hardware in all of our packages.
We typically do monthly major updates with new features and weekly/biweekly updates with new vehicles and vinyl colours are they are released.
Zeno is developed with wrap shops as the main focus but serves as an entertainment piece as well as a complementary tool for other industries as well (such as rim and tire shops, and customization shops)
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We work with any and all Vinyl manufactures that want to be in the software. We are constantly adding new manufactures and colours to keep Zeno as versatile as possible.
Short answer yes. Although, currently we do not have any motorcycles in the software. We are constantly updating the vehicle library so keep checking back!
Zeno takes about 2 minutes total time to take high quality images of your design, compile it beautifully in a PDF, and send it to your inputted email address.
Zeno works off of an internet connection in order to maintain communication with our servers to help expedite the process of creating renders on demand as well as keeping the software constantly up-to-date.
Zeno requires a one-time purchase of the hardware package chosen and a monthly server costs to keep your Zeno current and allow for the rendering process and future features to be active.
Yes, updates are included with any Zeno package. Some features will be specific to certain packages but always will be available to add on at a cost.
We offer Tech-Support that comes included with your Zeno purchase. We access your Zeno remotely and begin diagnostics and are able to fix most issues very quickly and efficiently.
There are many ways Zeno can help create ROI. Zeno was designed to expedite the sales process but it can also be used to upsell services. Zeno is a great tool for expanding a simple roof wrap into mirrors or blacked out chrome or wheels. We hear new creative ways our clients are using Zeno to generate more profits on every sale.
Zeno will have tutorial buttons within the software to help teach users to efficiently use it in a future update.
Check out our Trello roadmap where Zeno owners can request cars, features and see exactly what our team is actively working on.