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General Zeno Questions

What does Zeno do for me?

Zeno is a sales acceleration tool. Although 3D configuration is cool no matter the application, we built Zeno to drive revenue through higher sales conversion rates, providing upsell opportunities, and cutting production costs. Zeno helps you scale your business while providing a world-class customer experience.

What is Zeno and how does it work?

Zeno is a Wrap configurator that helps you give your clients an accurate representation of the vinyl hues and finishes. It allows you to create on demand renders on a massive library of vehicles and different environmental settings to really help capture the finished product of the wrap project.

Who was Zeno made for?

Zeno was originally started by and for wrap shops; however, that was long ago. Zeno has evolved into a full configuration platform for wrap shops, signage companies, auto dealerships, and more. We’re on a path toward adding full configuration abilities across after-market parts for body-shops too.

How much does Zeno cost?

Zeno costs vary based on the plan you choose and whether or not you buy xix3D custom hardware for an optimal experience. You can see all details on our pricing page found at www.xix3d.com/pricing.

Capability Questions

Can Zeno do more than just color changes?

The answer is absolutely yes. Color changes of every panel were just the start. You can now add custom logos and designs in seconds using EPS files. You can also customize trim, and we’re adding the ability to swap out after-market parts and create a full auto configuration tool. 

What vinyl manufacturers do you have in the system?

xix3D has partnered with 3M, Avery Dennison, and KPMF. We’re in the process of adding Inozotek to the platform, which will be released in the next couple weeks. We have each SKU from these manufacturers built into our system, with more partners being added regularly. Have a request? Contact and let us know.

What cars can I customize in Zeno?

A full list will be published shortly; however, we have hundreds of cars and models from nearly every manufacturer. Our options range from the BMW i8 and Ford Transit vans to Lamborghini and Tesla models. We’re adding 20-30 new cars every month, ensuring you never run into an issue.

Can I whitelabel Zeno with my own branding?

Absolutely. We have create a program that you can fully whitelabel across every aspect of the platform. When you sign up, you’ll be able to upload your logo and immediately have the branding on renderings and throughout 2D portions of the application. We can also develop your logo into the  3D studio for an extra cost.

Technical Questions

Does Zeno require custom hardware?

No, Zeno does not require custom hardware any more. We developed the optimal workstation for Zeno, designed specifically for showrooms. However, if you want to use your own PC, you are now able to do so as long as it meets the required specifications.

What are the required technical specifications?

At the moment, Zeno only works on PC. We are in the process of developing a Mac version; however, that is still in the works. For PC, you need a minimum of a 1050 graphics card, 12gb of RAM, and a 16:9 ratio monitor. Anything above and beyond these specifications will only yield a better experience.

How do I update Zeno?

Every time you launch the Zeno platform, the program will automatically check for and install any updates. Updates come out every few days, so let the system boot up for a few minutes before showing it to a customer immediately.

How long does it take to create a rendering?

Once you have your 3D configuration complete, it takes about 2 minutes for Zeno to create and email the hyper-realistic renderings we’ve developed for you. The first time you send a rendering, you will need to let us know so we can green-light your IP address. This is an inconvenience we’re working on fixing.