There are plenty of ways to customize and change the external appearance of your car. Today, one of the most popular options is to get 3D vehicle wraps. They are a thin graphic film, usually made of vinyl, used to cover the body of a vehicle like a large, custom-fitted sticker.

The best thing about car wraps is they have plenty of styles and textures to choose from; you can even customize your own design using a special computer program. The question, though, is: Are these car wraps are durable enough to last for many years without getting damaged? Read on to learn the answer:

Are Car Wraps Durable?

Car wraps are quite durable, but it doesn’t mean they don’t get damaged. In most cases, a properly installed wrap can last for about 5 years, depending on how you use your car. Its life expectancy can be further extended to 7 years or more if the graphic film is well taken care of. So, you must learn about the different factors that can damage vinyl car wraps. Here are a few examples:

External Trauma – Like any other car finish, a vinyl wrap will get scratched or chipped off if it gets hit by a significant amount of force. It can also get torn by a sharp object. Be sure to avoid these things to extend the life expectancy of your vehicle wrap.

Exposure to Heat – If your car is exposed to heat every day, the vinyl wrap might get peeled off after a few years. Simply parking in a shade can do wonders in increasing the life span of the wrap.

Lack of Maintenance – Your car wrap won’t last too long without proper maintenance. Make sure to clean it regularly with a towel or soft sponge to prevent dust and dirt from scratching the surface. It’s advisable to avoid cleaning it with strong abrasives and high-pressure water, as well.

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