Have you ever considered changing your car’s appearance? To do that, you can either have your car repainted or wrapped. Repainting can be limiting because of the narrow range of colors to choose from. Meanwhile, the car wrapping process gives you the freedom to fully customize your vehicle. A car wrap configurator is used to make it easier for you to visualize your car’s appearance before the wrap application.

Car wrapping is also extremely versatile and less time-consuming. While a normal paint job can take weeks to finish, a wrap job can take as little as 1 to 5 days, depending on the amount of detail. Read on to find out a few more reasons why car wrapping is better than repainting.

Extremely Economical

A quality paint job can cost you anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000. The same quality of car wrapping can only cost you around $2,500 to $5,000. Just looking at the price points tells you that a car wrap job is the more affordable option. But it isn’t just limited to that.

In case you like to sell your car in the future, using a vinyl wrap protects its resale value. Unlike repainting, the vinyl application does not require you to have your vehicle’s original paint removed, so you get to keep it in its pristine condition.

Gives Better Protection

Many things can damage your car’s finish. Some cleaning implements can leave abrasions on it when used continually for a long time. Using wash sponges, brushes, and scrub mitts on a dusty vehicle can scratch its paint off. Other tools such as snowbrushes, ice hammers, scrapers, and dusters can also be hard on your car’s body. Applying a little extra force is likely to scratch or dent your vehicle.

Thankfully, the material used in car wrapping effectively preserves your car’s original coating by acting as a protective layer against scratches. It also prevents dust, sand, and other abrasive materials from coming into contact with your car’s surface, making it easier to clean. The most commonly used wrapping materials are PVC and high-density urethane vinyl film.

Render Your Design Today

Car wrapping is more economical, and it offers versatility and protection. If you would like to see how your car would turn out with a custom wrap, check out our car wrap configurator. Our Zeno software allows you to render hyper-realistic 3D representations of your car together with its car wrap build. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to give XIX 3D a call today.