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In an industry full of competition and pricing wars, it’s up to wrap shops across the globe to innovate and separate themselves from the rest.

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Rear of a vehicle rendered using car wrap design software

Hyper-Realistic Renderings

Create custom 3D designs in seconds using Zeno, and export hyper-realistic renderings. Zeno technology has been developed to the point renderings can be indistinguishable from the real car.

Take the Guessing Out of Selling

Just see what UrAvgConsumer on YouTube said about his experience with Zeno!
Front of a vehicle rendered using car wrap design software

Custom Graphics in Seconds

Upload your own logos, patterns, and decals in seconds or use our pre-made decals. Zeno has the ability to shape and mold your EPS designs across the car for you, making it a complete drag-and-drop setup.
For the next generation of wrap and signage businesses.
Zeno is a transformative platform for the entire automotive industry, whether you’re a wrap, signage, or body shop. The 3D, hyper-realistic capabilities (just look at this red Lamborghini) we’ve built enables you to…

1) Decrease your sales cycle

2) Increase up-sell opportunities

3) Generate demand

4) Create dealership partnerships

5) Separate yourself from the competition

But, to transform an industry, we need your help. That’s where our partner program comes into play. For our clients that are serious about growing their shops, we enable you to white label, resell, and close deals with our software.

Whip up deals with auto dealerships, make money off of our software, and close deals faster all with our partner program. The only requirement? Join our Bespoke program and you’re automatically a xix3D Partner.

Andrew @ SS Customs

California, USA

Where to begin… xix3D’s software has completely revolutionized how we conduct business. As a custom vinyl wrap studio in Silicon Valley, we try to provide clients with cutting edge, custom enhancements to their vehicles. This software allows us to place the client into virtaul reality, customize their vehicle in real-time, and is worth its weight in gold. We highly recommend both this software and the company that made it.

Bobby @ Exotic Vehicle Wraps

Washington D.C., USA

Zeno turns the process of customizing a vehicle into an interactive fun experience that eliminates the guess work while opening up new doors of possibilities. Between the graphics of the system and the Virtual Reality option, our clients are able to feel as if their vehicle is already before just the way they envisioned it. The system has easily paid for itself and ultimately added value to our process and brand as a whole. Thank you, xix3D Team!

Madison @ Sekanskin

Toronto, Canada

I am so happy with Zeno. Our clients come in and instantly gravitate towards it. Selling becomes such an enjoyable process and the client usually ends up selling themselves on everything they want. We have even gotten quite creative with upselling and all around generating more revenue. The Zeno is a no brainer for this industry.

Michael @ Auto Artisan

Sydney, Australia

Running a professional vehicle wrap shop has its challenges, one of them is taking the client through the creative process and asking them to have faith and to visualize in their mind what their new wrap will look like. Zeno bridges this gap, providing our customers with an in-depth preview of their new vehicle wrap through an interactive, fun and collaborative approach to vehicle wrap design and colour selection. A 3D realistic model in an immersive environment with all the tools at their fingertips to custom create their dream car far outweighs a 2D templated presentation. Our clients are sold on the experience alone!

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